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The Money Is In The List

Oh no.... not again.

Honestly, I'm really sick and tired of hearing this because everywhere I go on the net, I always see this.

Well, like it or not, it's very true, "The money is in the list" - This is one of the reasons why this website is created.

Doesn't matter whether you are a veteran or a newbie, you face 1 biggest problem and that is "Autoresponder" especially if your niche is MMO/IM/BizOps or worst, you are a solo ads vendor!


Because most autoresponder (AR) company do not like this niche.

Just imagine, you managed to build your list up to 5k, happily making $15k every month and one morning you woke up and BAM! your AR account got ban because you are too aggresive in your swipe. You basically lost everything in 1 day but luckily, you've got your backup and you open an account with another AR company but then... you know what I mean.

I personally lost a lot of AR accounts throughout my 7 years as solo ads vendor. I started with Amazon SES (got ban after 3 months) then I move to Aweber (I got ban more than 60 times, shhh...) then GetResponse (I got ban about 7 times) then I move to mailchimp (I got ban before I got the chance send my first swipe) then I got back to Amazon SES, then I tried Mandrill, Sendgrid, basically anything you can think of, including hiring developer to build me mailing servers which cost me from a few hundred to as high as $1,500.

Well, 100% of the time, the mailing server I got failed miserable as I do not know what I'm doing but hey, at least I tried if not, this website will never be born.

Fast forward...

All these changed when I start to learn how to build my own mailing server 3 years ago, I started to learn what's the do's and don't in order to inbox, I started to learn how to properly warm up my servers, I started to learn how to automate my mailing server to move my openers and clickers to different list in order to get maximum delivery and get rid of non-openers all on auto and best of all, no matter how hard I spam, nobody can ban me!

I also heard a lot of people telling me building mailing server is very difficult, very expensive and you need an aged domain to inbox and I was like, huh? expensive? difficult? aged domain?

Well, let me tell you a secret... if it's a secret at all...

I can build a mailing server in under 30 minutes with less than $100 including a new domain name!

I know, I know, next question is, can it inbox gmail?

Well, I always believe seeing is believing so go ahead test it:

Don't worry, you will only receive 1 test email from me.

Please do me a favor by clicking the link in the email after you receive it or else it will be "0" engagement and it's very bad for my server.

NOTE: This domain name ( ) was registered on September 16, 2019 - Still a virgin: I purposely use a fresh new domain PLUS "" as the sender via to prove a point (You do not need an aged domain to inbox gmail).

Which means you will get the test email from me as: via

Enough Said... You be the judge.

Like the saying goes, "I give you a fish, you eat once - I teach you how to fish, you eat a lifetime"

If you pick up the course "The Art Of Crafting Mailing Server", you will get a step by step guide to successfully build your mailing server from scratch and of course I will be there for you just in case you got stuck somewhere.

So... See you on the other side