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    Please take note if you are using single license for multiple servers, please DO NOT UPGRADE as it will prompt you for license - There is not much difference on the newer version compare to version 1.5.1

    As of June 01, 2018, you are required to buy 1 license per IP - you can transfer your license to different IP if you abandon you your server.

    Ajie Wibowo

    In your case, it's either due to previous blacklist or spam trap. Please take note that Gmail & Yahoo do not use spamhaus - Hotmail, MSN, Outlook and Live use spamhaus data but they DO NOT report to spamhaus

    I suggest you might want to take out domain like .edu or as they are very high chances of spamtrap - in other words, send only to gmail, yahoo, hotmail, aol etc...

    All you can do is to get yourself delisted: if spamhaus do not accept then you cannot do anything.

    It is very important to know that there are a few things that triggers spamhaus:

    1 - Spamtrap (Honey pot)

    2 - Complains

    3 - Bad IP neighbourhood

    Hope this helps

    Tips: As of now, only send to Gmail and Yahoo until your are cleared from spamhaus as they will automatically clear your IP after 14 - 30 days

    List Of Spam Words

    Below are the list of spam words I compile from various website.

    #1 $$$ ‘Hidden’ assets 100% free 100% Satisfied
    50% off Acceptance Access Accordingly Act Now!
    Ad Affordable All new Amazing Amazing stuff
    Apply now Apply Online Auto email removal Avoid Bargain
    Beneficiary Best price Beverage Big bucks Billing address
    Billion Billion dollars Bonus Brand new pager Buy
    Cable converter Call Call free Call now Cancel at any time
    Cannot be combined with any other offer Cards accepted Cash Cash bonus Casino
    Celebrity Cents on the dollar Certified Chance Cheap
    Check Check or money order Claims Claims to be in accordance with some spam law Claims you can be removed from the list
    Clearance Click Click here Click to remove Collect
    Collect child support Compare Compare rates Compete for your business Confidentially on all orders
    Congratulations Consolidate debt and credit Consolidate your debt Copy accurately Copy DVDs
    Cost Costs Credit Credit bureaus Credit card offers
    Cures baldness Deal Dear [email/friend/somebody] Diagnostics Dig up dirt on friends
    Direct email Direct marketing Discount Do it today Don’t delete
    Don’t hesitate Dormant Double your Drastically reduced Earn
    Earn $ Earn extra cash Earn per week Easy terms Eliminate bad credit
    Eliminate debt Email harvest Email marketing Expect to earn Explode your business
    Extra income F r e e Fantastic deal Fast cash Financial freedom
    Financially independent For free For instant access For just $XXX For Only
    For you Form Free Free access Free cell phone
    Free consultation Free DVD Free gift Free grant money Free installation
    Free Instant Free investment Free leads Free membership Free money
    Free offer Free preview Free priority mail Free quote Free sample
    Free trial Free website Freedom Friend Full refund
    Get Get it now Get out of debt Get paid Get started now
    Give it away Giving away Great offer Guarantee Guaranteed
    Have you been turned down? Hello Here Hidden Hidden assets
    Hidden charges Home Home based Homebased business Important information regarding
    Income Income from home Increase sales Increase traffic Increase your sales
    Incredible deal Info you requested Information you requested Instant Insurance
    Internet market Internet marketing Investment Investment decision It’s effective
    Join millions Join millions of Americans Laser printer Leave Legal
    Life Lifetime Limited time Loans Lose
    Lose weight Lose weight spam Lower interest rate Lower monthly payment Lower your mortgage rate
    Lowest insurance rates Lowest price Luxury car Mail in order form Maintained
    Make $ Make money Marketing Marketing solutions Mass email
    Medicine Medium Meet singles Member Message contains
    Million Million dollars Miracle Money Mortgage
    Mortgage rates Multi level marketing Name brand Never New customers only
    New domain extensions Nigerian No age restrictions No catch No claim forms
    No credit check No disappointment No experience No fees No gimmick
    No hidden No inventory No investment No-obligation Not intended
    Not spam Now Now only Obligation Offer
    Offer expires Once in lifetime One hundred percent free One hundred percent guaranteed One time
    One time mailing Online degree Online marketing Online pharmacy Only
    Only $ Open Opportunity Order Order today
    Orders shipped by Outstanding values Passwords Pennies a day Per day
    Per week Performance Phone Please read Potential earnings
    Pre-approved Price Print out and fax Priority mail Prize
    Prizes Problem Produced and sent out Profits Promise you
    Promise you...! Quote Refinance Refinance home Remove
    Removes wrinkles Reverses Reverses aging Rolex Sale
    Sales Sample Satisfaction Satisfaction guaranteed Search engine listings
    Search engines Serious cash Shopper Shopping spree Sign up free today
    Social security number Solution Special promotion Stainless steel Stock alert
    Stock disclaimer statement Stock pick Stop Stop snoring Subscribe
    Success Teen Tells you it’s an ad Terms and conditions The best rates
    The following form They keep your money - no refund! They’re just giving it away This isn’t junk This isn’t spam
    Thousands Time limited Trial Undisclosed recipient University diplomas
    Unlimited Unsecured credit Unsecured debt Unsolicited Unsubscribe
    Urgent US dollars Vacation Vacation offers Valium
    Viagra Vicodin Visit our website Warranty We hate spam
    We honor all Web traffic Weekend getaway Weight loss What are you waiting for?
    While supplies last While you sleep Who really wins? Why pay more? Wife
    Will not believe your eyes Win Winner Winning Won
    Work at home Work from home Xanax You are a winner! You have been selected
    You’re a Winner!

    As you can see, if you were to follow all of them, basically you are not able to send any mass mail :cursing: so, don't be too obsess with it.

    [This is my personal rule NOT from any sources and NOT a proven fact] I allow myself 1 spam word with every 50 words in my swipe - if I write a 100 words swipe I can insert 2 spam words.

    Once your server is stabilize, no issue with inboxing, then you don't have to worry so much about spam words as it will inbox but it's best to have a certain set of rules that you follow to be consistent.



    What are BOTs

    Bot, also known as web robot, WWW robot or simply bot, is a software application that runs automated tasks (scripts) over the Internet. Typically, bots perform tasks that are both simple and structurally repetitive, at a much higher rate than would be possible for a human alone. The largest use of bots is in web spidering (web crawler), in which an automated script fetches, analyzes and files information from web servers at many times the speed of a human. More than half of all web traffic is made up of bots. ~~

    For Email Marketer: BOTs are annoying and we try our utmost best to get rid of it.

    For Solo Ads Vendor: BOTs is a very scary word as it has the potential to ruin you reputation and being identify as BOTs seller.

    For Inboxing: ___________

    But first, let's understand how BOTs work.


    So what do you think? Will BOTs infection effect your delivery rate?

    Now, the problem with solo ads vendor is, if their list is infected, they will send BOTs to their clients too so how to utilize BOTs and control it to your advantage?

    1 - Identify BOTs IP

    2 - BLOCK BOTs IP using .htaccess or Clickmagic

    Meaning, you send emails to BOTs and when BOTs click, it is BLOCK thus cannot access to MailWizz unique ID. because Mailwizz unique ID is in your domain - .htaccess BLOCK it from accessing so NO BOTs clicks

    Make sense?

    So how to BLOCK BOTs using .htaccess?

    Below is how you do it.

    1. # BAN USER BY IP
    2. <Limit GET POST>
    3. order allow,deny
    4. allow from all
    5. deny from 13.52.
    6. deny from 50.31.0.
    7. deny from
    8. </Limit>

    If you are solo ads vendor, I wouldn't bother much about BOTs as you can easily identify and block them but for other niche, there's no need for you to keep the BOTs as your open rate should be around 13% - 30%

    Please note: If you get rid of all the BOTs, your Open rate will drop so I suggest you delete the BOTs in a controlled manner by slowly deleting them instead of all at 1 shot.



    Throughout my 6+ years as Solo Ads Vendor, the questions most ask is "How to improve your open and click through rate?"

    Well, it's simple...

    Spam the hell out of it! (No wonder I got banned by all the ARs which exist)

    Yup I got more than 30% open and 4% - 5% Click through rate

    The side effect:

    1 - Your list become unresponsive after some time, CTR will slowly drop to 1% then it will never hit 1% unless you keep your list fresh everyday

    2 - Your client's optin rate is super low (For Solo Ads Vendor)

    3 - You have to keep refreshing your list

    4 - Unsubscribe rate extra high

    5 - You get ban faster than the Nigerian Scam by all the available AR Company in the market

    6 - Your mailing server will die faster compare to Ebola infection

    Why I don't put high complain rate?

    With all honesty, when I spam and send deceiving swipes, my complain rate is "0" most of the time but when I send proper swipes my complain rate shot up - Weird but it's true

    So what is the solution?

    For those who are used to spamming or sending deceiving swipes, you've got no solution except to keep doing what you are doing in order to maintain your Open and CTR.

    But, if you are not into spamming or want to turn your business around, then copywriting is for you.

    Let's begin...

    What is the reasonable Open and CTR?

    First, let's take a look at the stat taken from Far Reach



    As you can see from the statistic above, if your Open Rate is more than 13% and Click Through Rate is more than 1.5%, you are on the right track.

    Keep in mind that there are many factors that impact your open and click-through rates aside from industry. (For eg: List size and age, frequency of sending, transaction emails, welcome email etc...)

    Now that we have a better understanding on what our targeted goals should be, let’s proceed to some tips on how to increase your open & click through rates.

    1 - Timing

    If you take a look at the research done by Yesware, 39% of email open within the first hour after delivery so it is crucial to land your email in your subscribers inbox when they are online.

    eg: If you schedule to send your swipe at 2pm EST time, it's 5am in Australia, depending on the location.

    So you might want to know your subscribers well by segmenting them into 3 time zone - USA/Canada | Europe | Asia - Then test the best time to send your emails according to their time zone

    2 - Healthy Email List

    Most people I know, are obsessed with "List Size" and this is the biggest mistake most email marketers made.

    You should be more concern about the "Activeness" or engagement of your list.

    The advantage of having an active list which engage is:

    a - You inbox better

    b - IP & Domain reputation is all time high

    c - Higher Open Rate & CTR

    Just compare:

    100k list, 1% open 0.1% clicks

    10k list, 13% open 1.5% clicks

    Take the number above and go to Aweber and check the price for 100k Vs 10k - How much you save and if you are using your own mailing server, imagine how much faster you server will run and bandwidth it will save?

    Don't get me wrong, list size matters IF they are active and engage.

    You should be able to automate your "Mailwizz" to delete all "non-engage" subscribers so DO IT!

    3 - Crafting Winning Subject Lines

    Now, you've got your timing right and list cleaned but you still got low open rate; this means, your subject lines need to be improved.

    You and I know that subject line is one of the most import part of email marketing. If nobody open your email, no matter how good your swipe is, you got "0" click which means "0"sales.

    So, what makes a good subject line?


    Humans are bunch of curious creatures so if you can make them curious, they will open and if you are able to follow through that curiosity in your swipe, you will hit goldmine.


    Most people do not like to be left behind or miss out on "something" so if you can create urgency in your subject line, you can be sure your subscribers will open your email.

    Personally, I prefer "Curiosity" over "Urgency" on Subject line.

    I find that the combination of curiosity on the subject line with Urgency on the swipe is golden.

    Don't get me wrong, Urgency works, it's just my own preference but please make sure you keep the "Urgency"; meaning, if the offer ends in 24 means 24 hours NOT 36 hours or evergreen

    What about personalization?

    Well, not to brag, I've sent more than 25k swipes over my 6 years as solo ads vendor and from my experience, personalizaton is overated as it doesn't make any difference but of course you can try.

    How To Improve CTR?

    Below are the 3 steps to boost your CTR

    Step #1 - CALL TO ACTION

    Step #2 - CALL TO ACTION

    Step #3 - CALL TO ACTION

    Research according to WordStream - emails with a single call-to-action increase click-through rates by a huge 371% & sales 1716%.

    Yes, I personally use lots of CTA and it's true after I implemented CTA with anchor text, my CTR shot up.

    You might ask, how about using Button CTA or Banner CTA instead of Anchor Text CTA?


    Stick to the essentials

    Have you ever receive an email which is so long after finishing reading it, you still cannot figure out what is it all about?

    If your email is too stressful to read, your subscribers will lose interest, which means they will click on the "Close" or "Back" button or anything that's clickable except your link!

    All you have to do is to KISS, summarize the important part of the product, create an "urgency" bait them to click and let the sales page do the selling!

    When it comes to your design, best is just white background or if you must have one, make sure that it’s easy on the eyes!

    Segment, Segment, Segment

    Segmentation prevent you from sending annoying and irrelevant emails to your subscribers, forcing them to eventually unsubscribe or worst, move your email to spam folder!

    Segmentation helps you to hit targeted subscribers thus increasing the likelihood of your subscribers to Click & by sending more relevant messages, you’re creating a more engaged audience & with more engagement, your IP and domain Reputation will be in good standing thus making Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail happy.

    Once you got everything right, you will be able to see a drastic improvement on your Open & CTR.