Offer: New Server Setup

  • Not sure how to setup the mailing server?

    Too much technical stuff to setup the mailing server?

    Take too much time to setup?

    Don't worry, I can setup for you. I have personally setup over 5 different mailing servers and being a techie (ie nerd!), I can help you too.

    What you will get:

    - A new domain, to be pushed to you for ownership (1st year paid)

    - A new hosting account, to be transferred to you after completion (1st month paid)

    - A 100% server completely setup (ie. WHM, cPanel, Mailwizz, etc)

    - Guaranteed 1st email to Gmail inbox

    - Complete with 15 days auto-responder email content, spam-free

    - Complete with 1st day auto-responder email content for List #2-List #5, spam-free

    You will only need to upload your list, let the autoresponder run the content and the email automation funnel will start its job. Remember that you will need to warm up the server from here onwards.

    Usual price: $1000

    First 5 orders: $800

    Send me an order and let's get started!